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喜大普奔了,现在你可以带薪打疫苗了。省府修订《就业标准法 (Employment Standards Act) 》的三号法案 (Bill 3)已经通过,即员工为接种一剂疫苗,可以要求最多3小时的带薪休假。(link:Legislation for paid COVID-19 vaccination leave now in force) […]


联邦政府已宣布其加拿大紧急企业帐户(CEBA)的更新申请流程将于6月19日星期五开始。这意味着某些不符合该计划资格的企业将在本周获得资格。更多的信息,我会继续跟进的。 […]


Experts say hand sanitizer should not be left in your car Amid the coronavirus outbreak, one item many are stocking up on is hand sanitizer. While it’s extremely effective killing germs, there is one place experts say you should not leave bottles of hand sanitizer. “It’s definitely an issue if you leave your hand sanitizer […]