入籍打假 从严检查:康尼此举受拥护

移民部长Jason Kenney康尼宣布:海外移民申请,造假情况严重,3100人将丧失公民身份。

National Post 《国 家 邮 报 》大 事 报 导 :Jason Kenney announces 3,100 people being stripped of citizenship for fraud.A widening federal crackdown has identified a record number of people suspected of acquiring their Canadian citizenship and immigration status through fraud.The figure is almost double the 6,500 identified by federal officials less than a year ago, suggesting that Canada’s citizenship and immigration fraud problems may be more widespread than previously thought.

Globe and Mail Editorial《环球邮报》社论标题Residing here means actually being here,突出新移民居住实况跟公民入籍的关系 。

《环球邮报》社论内文,支持康尼部长增强cracking down on residency fraud的力度, 扩大入籍打假的措施,赞成严厉侦查准备入籍新移民的居住实情:

Ottawa’s crackdown on residency fraud is a timely reminder that a Canadian passport is something to be earned. You show your commitment to becoming a citizen of a new country by actually living there – not hedging your bets by spending almost all of your time back in your homeland.

To hedge one’s bets is to cover oneself by supporting both sides to reduce the risk of losing.


NationalPost《国家邮报》9月11日社论版Full Comment,也以Jason Kenney is maintaining the value of citizenship为题,支持康尼部长的做法。

康尼强调:Citizenship is not for sale,他表示绝不容许有人以金钱换得公民资格。

国邮评论指出公民的责任和权利,守法和诚实是最起码的公民责任: Citizenship is a two-way street, conferring obligations as well as privileges. The most fundamental of those obligations is to be truthful and law-abiding when seeking to become Canadian,否则,不配取得加国护照: Those who cannot meet even that standard do not deserve a Canadian passport.


The number of newcomers under investigation for misrepresenting themselves in their dealings with Citizenship and Immigration Canada has ballooned to an historic 11,000 as a result of nation-wide enforcement.《明报》标题:移民部扩大入籍打假,查余万人.

再者,Immigration Minister Jason Kenney decided to revoke the citizenship of more than 3,000 people, 移民部长还会对已入籍者翻旧帐:移民部当日公布最新入籍,居住纪录做假的调查数字, 显示即使已经入籍, 将循法律步骤 ,撤销伪居民的公民资格。


实情是有不少获得永久居民身份者,配偶子女在加国,自己却留在原居地工作:A common scenario involves immigrant families. While the spouse and children do live full-time in Canada, the breadwinner continues to work abroad but lies about it to immigration authorities to maintain Canadian status.

Globe and Mail《环球邮报》社论要求《公民法》需要清晰化“居留”的法律定义 :While enforcing residency requirements is key, the federal government should also consider clarifying the Citizenship Act.

假居留问题才得以改善。假如法例收紧居住的定义:表示实实在在生活在加拿大,可以减少钻空子的机会,防范移民律师和法官随意酎量解释字义的空间,填补漏洞: if Ottawa toughened the Citizenship Act and disqualified all applicants who have not been physically living in Canada. This would clarify the expectations and remove the temptation to bend the rules.

This loophole 漏 洞 has undoubtedly led to the kind of misrepresentation and abuse 谎报实情、误导移民法官和滥用移民制度 Mr. Kenney referred to in his announcement:康尼指出,入籍做假,最多是来自中东地区 ,尤其是波斯湾区国家的移民,由于中东地区不少国家免入息税,因此有移民返回原居地国家赚钱,但又请移民顾问编造实际在本地生活或居住的纪录。

康尼说:The investigation discovered that many efforts to pretend to live in Canada were being actively aided and abetted (帮助及教唆他人犯罪) by some immigration “consultants” living in Canada.移民部在包括Mississauga、Montreal及Halifax ,均已发现有不法的移民顾问或公司,收钱为人制造虚假居住证明.


最后, we believe that strict enforcement helps to restore integrity and value to the immigration process from permanent residency to citizenship.


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